Rail PNR Status

Rail PNR Status | Train Current PNR Status | Check PNR Status

PNR is the abbreviation of Passenger Name Record.You may don’t know that Indian Railway is the biggest employer in the world, means they have maximum number of workers and employees in the world. PNR is a 10 digit enquiry number given to the reservation holder to check their current status.You can enter the PNR Number above to check your current PNR status.

PNR conformation will show your seat number, Berth number, couch number etc.This situation is represented by the “CNF”abbreviation. PNR status official website is www.indianrail.gov.in/pnr_Enq.html

Rail PNR Status

PNR Status live means the current status of your ticket which is so important while your travelling journey. Now Indian railway also provide pnr app to check live pnr status of your reservation, Some other unofficial pnr status checking apps are also available in play store. But i recommended you you use official pnr status website to check current pnr status of your train ticket. You can also check the flight pnr status on our multi status checking site.

what’s a PNR code

PNR is a 10 numbers temporary code shows your booking status. This 10 numbers status code is initiated by center of railway information system aka CRIS. CRIS is a Indian government organization taking care to run Indian train transportation system. For the same they started online and offline reservation of seats in Indian trains. Many time guys cancel their reservation and some seats go vacant. So for the saving of the government money they start filling a little more number of passengers. the passengers who reserve their seat after the fulfillment of train will provided with a 10 digit code called Passenger Name Record. Railways punt these late reservation in a waiting list (RNWL/WL). Now whenever a conformed railway ticket cancelled the person on waiting list will get that cancelled seat.

PNR number will be assign to every reservation ticket of Sleeper, 3 AC, 2 AC, 1 AC. these 4 are the type of seats available in Indian railway system.

How to check PNR by SMS

If you have Mobile phone but don’t have internet in that, you can still check the current pnr status of your reserved seat by a sms. Please follow one of these 2 format to enguiry reservation status.

PNR <10-digit PNR number> to 139

PNR <10-digit PNR number> to 5676747

PNR enquiry can be done through a simple call to 139. “139” is a good initiative of Indian railway because in India only 20% population have internet access. You may also enquiry about train running status, rail pnr status, reservation status of you ticket. Also they provide customer support for your other type of problems. So 139 is a PNR enquiry phone number.

This pnr status check by sms is a free service. PNR status through sms is  so beneficial for Indian who have no internet access.

Important points and full forms you may see in your rail pnr status

PNR is the highest technology system in Indian government. This is highly use full to every indian, who travel via tracks. you must know the full forms or abbreviation railway use to explain the current rail booking status.

#CNF : Your Ticket is Conformed (you can see a seat number and coach number)

#RAC : Reservation Against Cancellation (one half of the berth will be provided to you at side lower)

#WL : Ticket is not conformed, you can’t board the train. You are in the Waiting List.(You will be refunded if you will not travel)

#GNWL : If your reservation is started from source station of the trail, then you will get qualified for General Waiting list. It has more chances to get conformed ticket the WL.

#PQWL : Pooled Quota Waiting List is the Waiting list if you reserve the seat through railway Quota.

#RLWL : Remote Location Waiting List. You got in Waiting List but your seat can be changed after some stations.

#CAN/MOD : Ticket is cancelled by you or some changes have been done in the reservation.

#REGRET : Train is full, you can’t book the ticket.