PNR Prediction For all Indian Railways Trains Trick

This is a tricky one. You can predict the final PNR status of your train. This is not a guaranteed solution for your pnr prediction. But this may help you to decide further decisions of your travelling. Indian is a populated country and Indian Railways is the most crowded railways system in the world. So because of this population problem your railways sleeper, 3 AC, 2 AC, 1 AC ticket will come in the category of “Waiting“.

For this waiting list you will provided a pnr number from indian railways. With this 10 digit number you may check your pnr status at official website or some other private website like this one. But there is no website which can provide you the correct PNR Prediction. here i am giving to a trick to predict that whether your ticket will get conformed or not?

PNR Prediction of Indian Railways Ticket

This will give you the probability of your Waited ticket conformation.For prediction the conformation of your PNR, You have to check the seat availability of following days. For example if the very next day of your journey the waiting list is at “50”. Also note the waiting list of one day before your travelling day assume it is “25”. Now add both number which will equal to 75 now divide it with “3” (journey day + one day before + aone day after). If you do so the result will be “25” This 25 number is the chances of your conformation.

PNR Prediction also depends on the train. There are many trains in which even 2 or 3 waiting will not be clear. Ans there are also some train where 50-60 waiting will get cleared before the formation of chart. The PNR Predication may fluctuate as per the festival occasion.

PNR Prediction Methods

There are many ways in which you can predict the future of your PNR. Ticket conformation is so difficult at the peek time. Such as at the time of Diwali, Holi, Rakasha bhandhan, So beware while using above given formula. This formula is created my , So we don’t guarantee any correctness in this method of PNR Prediction

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